Infrared Bathroom Heater

An infrared bathroom heater can be an excellent option for people looking to save on electricity bills. They are space-efficient, with low energy consumption, and require zero maintenance. Moreover, they are ideal for being installed in a small space like a bathroom.

With easy installation, sleek designs, and some even being waterproof, these devices are a no-brainer investment. Scroll through our selection of the best infrared heater available on Amazon.

Are Infrared Heater Good for Bathroom?

Nothing feels better than walking into a cozy bathroom during the winter, so let’s find out if these heaters are a good idea.

  • Mold Prevention – Infrared panel heaters are the perfect tool for mold prevention in wet rooms like bathrooms. Moreover, an infrared panel heater warms both walls and lingering moisture, which prevents mold growth.
  • Feel Good – An infrared C radiation penetrates the skin, heating it up and relaxing muscles. Besides, it can be very comforting to feel warm when taking a shower during wintertime.
  • Energy Saving – Infrared radiators are energy-efficient to keep warm compared to other electric heaters. Besides, they can control the temperature with advanced thermostats and don’t need a lot of electricity.
  • No Maintenance – An infrared heater requires no maintenance, and thus you won’t need to pay for an additional heating plumber’s annual costs.

Are Infrared Heaters Expensive to Run?

As wonderful as infrared heaters are, in the end, it all rounds up to if they are cost-effective or not.

Infrared heaters are very cost-effective to run because they keep spaces warm for longer and require less energy. Furthermore, when rooms are heated by infrared, it sinks deep into the room’s objects, making you feel warmer for much longer. Plus, they run on low wattage, making them super-efficient and budget-friendly.

What are the Types of Infrared Heaters for Bathrooms?

Other than the basic infrared bathroom light and wall mount type of heater, let’s find out if there are other kinds.

  • Infrared Mirror Heater – Infrared mirror heaters are almost impossible to detect as heating units. Hence, these functional and practical appliances make the perfect solution for a small bathroom!
  • Infrared Towel Rod – Any object with more than one use is a great solution for small spaces such as a bathroom. Thus, a towel rod that can also be used as an infrared heater is a work of art.
  • Infrared Ceiling Heater – The best option for small bathrooms without any wall space is an infrared bathroom ceiling heater. The heater can be installed discreetly on the ceiling, ensuring even radiant heat throughout the room.

Reviews: Best Infrared Bathroom Heater

Infrared heaters can be a great addition to your bathroom if you live in a place where winters can be severely cold. Here we have compiled a list of infrared bathroom heaters you are guaranteed to like. Also, all purchases made using the links on this site will help us earn a commission, and it won’t be charged to your bill.

  • The Broan-Nutone ceiling mounted infrared bathroom heater provides instant warmth and comfort to your bathroom. A fantastic gadget for money-saving warmth.
  • Plus, the infrared bathroom heater light uses two 250-Watt R40/BR40 size Infrared bulbs (not included). It provides a warm, radiant heat that feels like natural sunlight.
  • Additionally, with a Type IC (Insulation Contact) unit installation, nothing but the bulbs and white grille show in your bathroom for a clean, cohesive appearance.
  • Moreover, it is made of sturdy steel housing with an adjustable mounting bracket that makes installation logical and straightforward.

  • The Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Infrared Heater is the ideal heater for your bathroom.
  • Plus, these infrared bathroom heaters, wall mounted, are very affordable and reliable.
  • Moreover, this product is very safe as it uses grills that do not burn the skin if touched by mistake. Also, they turn off immediately if they tip over.
  • And the wall mount design allows for the infrared heater to be installed without taking up any floor space.
  • Along with an LED display, the heater allows you to regulate the temperature as per your needs.

  • DUOLANG Infrared Bathroom Heater is a convection heater that uses the power of infrared rays to transfer heat.
  • Surprisingly, this infrared heater can be painted over. We recommend using a no-odor water-based paint of any color to match or enhance the décor of any room.
  • In addition, a switch can be added to the panel for easy operation, rather than unplugging it every time it’s not in use.
  • Moreover, this product’s use of the latest waterproof technology makes it an ideal heater to be installed in the bathroom.
  • Also, its automated cut-off feature prevents it from overheating while in use.

  • Wexstar Infrared Panel Heater is the best choice for your bathroom. It provides a quiet, efficient source of heat without any moving parts.
  • Moreover, the infrared heating technology heats objects rather than the air, distributing the heat evenly throughout the room.
  • Plus, this infrared heater can be easily mounted to the wall to create a comfortable zone of warmth in your space.
  • And it uses less energy than conventional electric space heaters, so you’ll save money on your power bill too!

  • The 5 Sunday Living Infrared Heater is a 1500W infrared quartz heater with an eco-friendly mode. Hence, it saves energy by automatically adjusting heat and power settings for the most comfortable and economical warmth.
  • Plus, the lightweight, portable heater is built with efficient quartz heating elements and turbofan, which provides a powerful output of 5,000 BTU.
  • Besides, this heater has a timer function, so you don’t have to remember to turn it on or off yourself.
  • Moreover, the wall mounting option of this infrared heater makes it very space-efficient.

  • If you are looking for a small infrared heater for bathroom, this is one of the best options out there.
  • And this infrared bathroom ceiling heater can be installed even in a small bathroom without taking up any space with a compact design.
  • Moreover, the infrared bathroom light can be used separately from the heater and fan.
  • Besides, tt is advised that this infrared heater must not be installed directly over a bathtub or a shower enclosure.

Index Table: Top-Rated Infrared Bathroom Heater

1Broan-Nutone White - 2 Bulb Infrared Ceiling Heater
  • 250 Watt
  • Energy-Efficient
2Heat Storm Delux - Wall Mounted Infrared Heater
  • Modern
  • Effective
Heat Storm97
3DUOLANG Convention - Infrared Bathroom Heater
  • Cost-Effective
  • Seamless-Design
4Wexstar White - Infrared Panel Heater
  • Sleek
  • Quiet
55 Sunday Living 1500W - Black Infrared Space Heater
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Energy-Saving
5 Sunday Living95
6Aero Pure Contemporary - Infrared Bathroom Heater
  • Quiet
  • In-Built Light
Aero Pure95

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