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The bath and shower transfer bench is a prevalent bathroom aid that helps individuals who struggle with mobility take a safe shower or bath.
The Shower Transfer Bench helps patients in wheelchairs safely transfer from their wheelchair to the shower bench easily.

The Shower Transfer Bench and How it Works

A transfer bench, also known as a shower or bath bench or transfer chair, is a safety and mobility device that helps the user get in and out of the Shower or bathtub from a wheelchair or sitting position. The user will then sit on the bench to shower or slide from the bench into the bathtub.

The Transfer Bech has a non-slipping design, a backrest, a long seat, and four legs with plungers at the bottom for better grip. Likewise, various other features are available in the Shower Transfer Bench, such as armrests, a padded seat, a commode opening for use on the toilet, and additional back-supportive back resistance.

There are two basic types of Transfer Benches for the Shower;

  • Non-Sliding Shower Transfer Bench – The most basic Shower transfer bench is the Non-Sliding bench, consisting of a backrest, four legs with a non-slip bottom, and a long seat. This Transfer Bench can be used inside the Shower or tub and customized with various features to suit the individual customer’s needs. The size can be adjustable, and the height and width will vary; likewise, resist additional features available for this type of transfer Bench.
  • The Sliding or Rolling Shower Transfer Bench – This is ideal for more highly dependent users as they do not need to slide to the other side themselves, there are rails or s sliding feature that helps them slide automatically. This is your most versatile type of Shower and Bath Transfer bench that can be integrated with wheelchairs and other mobility devices and adjusted in shape and size. They come with a free-standing option or option that attaches to the tub or Shower. Some models can swivel and roll, and others are stationary.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Shower Transfer Bench

There are a few things that you need to look for in any good Shower Transfer Bench;

  • Frame – The Frame of the bench, in general, needs to be very sturdy, durable, and made from rustproof materials. Aluminum is a good material usually used for the Frame. Integrated, the Frame should have a high weight capacity for heavier adjustments.
  • Seating – A non-slip and comfortable seat is critical; waterproof plastic and padded materials are ideal, and you can use a seatbelt to keep the user from slipping is advantageous.
  • Armrests and Back Rest – A comfortable and adjustable backrest can provide the user with a better posture, and armrests can help with mobility and support. Look for these features with adjustability options.
  • Portability and Easy Movement – The Transfer Bench needs to move easily and smoothly and stand securely and firmly when transferring.

Features of a Good Tub Transfer Bench

  • Frame – Aluminum frame that is stable and rust resistant.
  • Seat – Padded seat with Adjustable Height, and Drainage Holes.
  • Design – Rustproof and easy cleaning design.
  • Comfort Features – Backrest and armrests.
  • Additional Features – Easy mobility and High Weight Capacity.

Reviews: The Best Shower Transfer Benchs

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Reviewed by: John Max Score: 97

The Medline Microban is an antimicrobial treated, safe and secure bathtub and shower transfer bench with an armrest for stability and suction cups to keep the bench secure.

  • Coated with Microban antimicrobial treatment, the seat is comfortable and mold and mildew-resistant.
  • Anti-Slip suction cups on the feet to secure the bench to the tub or shower floor.
  • Very lightweight and easy to assemble, completely latex-free design.
  • There is a sidearm for stability and heavy-duty 350 lbs transfer weight capability.


The Carousel from Platimun Health has a Swiveling design to save space and comes in a contrasting color for easy visibility for individuals with poor vision.

  • The back, seat, and armrests are padded for your comfort with slip-resistant padding.
  • A space-saving swivel seat design.
  • Robust pivoting armrests that are adjustable and lockable into a position of your choice.
  • The high contrast color is used for better visibility.


The Carex universal is a Tub Transfer Bench and a Shower Bench with adjustable legs and a sturdy design that can hold a weight capacity of up to 400lbs.

  • Easy transfer and tub or shower bench with adjustable height and legs.
  • Sturdy enough to hold up to 400lbs in weight.
  • Safe and comfortable to use with a backrest and two built-in adjustable and convertible handles.
  • It will fit most bathtubs and showers easily.


The Drive Medical Premium Heavy Duty Bathtub Transfer and Shower Bench from Platinum health is a versatile, heavy-duty bench used in the Shower, bath transferring, and toilet facilities.

  • A professional-grade sliding and transfer bench and a bench seat for the bathtub and Shower.
  • It comes with versatile dual-column extending legs for adjustments.
  • There is a padded assist handle for support.
  • It is available in a soothing color for an easy vision of key parts of the chair.


The Vive Shower Transfer Bench seat and Over Tub Transfer Bench, or Shower Bench, are fully adjustable and come with a handy hanging tote bag to keep all your toiletries.

  • You can get in and out of the tub or Shower safely with the Medokare bench and use it for an in-shower seat.
  • Universal lightweight design that is very durable.
  • The armrests and backrests are reversible and fully adjustable.
  • The height is also adjustable.
  • The Frame is durable and heavy-duty.

  • Get this Flash Furniture no-slip transfer bench that can support up to 300 lbs of weight.
  • It is ideal for people with limited mobility and who need extra support.
  • The Aluminum, Plastic, Polyethylene, and Rubber materials ensure durable use.
  • It has a sidearm, backrest, and holes in the seat for drainage.

  • The Eagle Health Supplies sturdy shower transfer bench is a safe and easy option for caregivers.
  • It has a tool-free assembly that can be done in a few minutes.
  • The bench is easily adjustable to serve several purposes.
  • Moreover, you can assemble the face in both directions.
  • The bench is available in regular and long base options per your needs.

  • Get the Carex Health Brands transfer bench for easy access to mobility in the Shower.
  • The assembly of the bench does not require any tools or technical knowledge.
  • It has a convertible design that supports 300 lbs of weight.
  • The legs of the bench are sturdy and sit straight without bending or collapsing.
  • Moreover, it has slip-resistant tips for extra support and safety.

  • Consider the shower transfer bench from OasisSpace that has an easy-clean design.
  • Its anti-skid material ensures that showers are safe even with limited mobility.
  • This is a heavy-duty bench that can support up to 500 lbs.
  • You can assemble the bench in under eight minutes without any tools.

  • This transfer bench from SP Ableware has an ergonomic swivel design.
  • The rotating top allows a secure transfer to the bathtub with a smooth transition.
  • It supports the weight of 450 lbs safely.
  • The bench comes with a quick-change leg design that ensures easy adjustability.

Index Table: Top Rated Shower Transfer Benchs

1Medline Microban - Antimicrobial Shower Transfer Bench
  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy Duty Support
2Platinum Health Carousel - Sliding Shower Transfer Bench
  • Swivel Seat
  • Space Saving Design
  • Professional Grade
Platinum Health98
3Carex Universal - Tub Transfer and Shower Bench
  • Tub Transfer
  • Shower Bench
  • Adjustable Legs
4Drive Medical 400-Pound - Tub Transfer Bench
  • Heavy Duty
  • Cut-Out Seat
  • Adjustable Legs
Drive Medical98
5Vive Adjustable - Shower Transfer Bench
  • Adjustable
  • Comes with Tote Bag
6Flash Furniture Hercules - No-Slip Shower Transfer Bench
  • 300 LB
  • Sidearm
  • Aluminum
Flash Furniture97
7Eagle Health Supplies Long-Base - Sturdy Shower Transfer Bench
  • Adjustable
  • Sliding
  • Tool-Free
Eagle Health Supplies98
8Carex Health Brands Over-Sized - Safe Shower Transfer Bench
  • Convertible
  • Easy-Assemble
  • Lightweight
Carex Health Brands97
9OasisSpace 10-Level - Contoured Shower Transfer Bench
  • Easy-Clean
  • Reliable
  • Anti-Skid
10SP Ableware Rotating - Shower Transfer Bench
  • Ergonomic
  • Swivel
  • 450 LB
SP Ableware98

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