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A ceiling bathroom heater can be a valuable addition to your bathroom as it can keep the space warm and cozy when you step in for a shower. Moreover, these devices are ideal for preventing humidity and steam.

Plenty to choose from, these heaters come with various features like exhausts and lights which can be very efficient. Thus, we have jotted down a catalog of the best bathroom ceiling heaters available on Amazon.

Are Bathroom Ceiling Heaters Safe?

Let’s find out if these devices have any drawbacks.

  • Not Suitable for Larger Bathrooms – Bathroom ceiling heater only can warm up a limited amount of space. This happens because they are usually lower in wattage. Therefore, these types of heaters may not be ideal for people with bigger bathrooms.
  • Unattractive – If you are very prompt about keeping your interior decor within a theme specification, these heaters may not be for you. Besides, ceiling bathroom heaters can be very mundane-looking with a boring white color and sometimes ugly bulbs.
  • Noisy – While in use, ceiling heaters can get a bit noisy and get annoying after some time. Thus, if you enjoy taking nice relaxing showers or baths, having a buzzing machine overhead will get irritating.
  • Installation – Installing these ceiling heaters can have additional costs as you may not have an existing cut-out in the ceiling. Hence, as the larger part of the heater is placed into the ceiling, you will need to get it installed professionally.

How Long can You Run a Bathroom Heater?

It is essential to use these devices safely and not overuse them. Experts advise that bathroom heater should not be left running for long periods, especially overnight. Thus, the ideal run time for these devices is 20 minutes before and after using a shower. If left running for too long, ceiling bathroom heaters can short circuit and become fire hazards.

Buying Considerations for a Ceiling Bathroom Heater

Things to bear in mind while procuring a bathroom heater.

  • Size – Ensuring the size is appropriate for your bathroom is very important as it will determine the device’s effectiveness.
  • Installation – The wiring step is another thing to consider while purchasing a ceiling heater. Therefore, if you have existing wiring in your bathroom ceiling, find a product accordingly. Also, be sure to check the safety ratings for the products.
  • Features – Not all ceiling bathroom heaters are created equal. Some of the best bathroom ceiling heaters will have features like integrated lights, exhaust, humidity, and motion sensors.
  • Noise Level – A few ceiling heaters can sound like jet engines which can be annoying. Thus, seek out a heater that is a quieter device.

Reviews: Best Ceiling Bathroom Heater

Here is a compilation of the top-rated ceiling bathroom heaters for you to shop from. With the additional information provided, we hope you find one that suits your needs best. Also, we would like to disclose to you that all purchases made using the links on this site help us earn a small profit. However, no extra charges will incur on your bill.

  • The StelPro ceiling bathroom heater is perfect for bathrooms as it only takes 16.5 x 4.8 x 11.5 inches of space.
  • Plus, these heaters come fitted with a nichrome element that produces heat instantly, so no waiting around.
  • And you could also pair this bathroom ceiling heater with thermostat from StelPro for even better results.
  • This heater runs on 1500watt, 120V has 60 CFM and a throw distance of 8′ and weighs 11lbs. Plus, it has a white epoxy-polyester powder coat finishing.

  • The Broan-Nutone is a high-quality solar-powered bulb heater, so you can enjoy the warmth of your bathroom and save money.
  • This ceiling bathroom heater is very energy efficient as it uses two 25-Watt R40/BR40 size Infrared bulbs (bought separately).
  • And these heaters are easy on the eyes as most of it is installed into the ceiling and only the bulbs and the white grille show.
  • Also, it’s straightforward to install as the heater comes with adjustable mounting steel brackets with keyhole slots.

  • The Broan-NuTone 659 is a fan and light heater with white polymeric grilles that will look good with any decor.
  • Plus, the IC (Insulation Contact) unit is installed into the ceiling, so only the light and the grille are visible.
  • And this heater is compact and takes 2″ x 6″ of your ceiling space and is effective in bathrooms up to 45 sq. ft.
  • Also, the fan and light can be used together or individually for convenience at 2.5 Sones and 50 CFM.

  • The Broan-Nutone high-quality heater gives out heat when it’s turned on while saving quite a few bucks because it’s solar-powered.
  • This heater comes with adjustable mounting brackets spanning up to 24 inches and has keyhole slots and adjustable housing.
  • Plus, this heater uses a single 250-watt BR40 bulb (bought separately) and can be paired with a variety of Broan wall control models.
  • Also, these heaters are very efficient as their motors are very quiet and don’t need any maintenance because they are permanently lubricated.

  • The Air King ceiling bathroom heater comes with a built-in exhaust and light, with grills of 9.88 x 17.3 x 6.5 inches.
  • This heater works great in 70sq.ft. of bathroom space as it functions at 70 CFM at 5.0 sones. And it has a ventilation blower on one side and a heater blower on the other, and both are electronically balanced.
  • Also, the flip-down lens holder is fitted with moonstone glass that does not discolor or age for the bulb’s heat over time.
  • Moreover, the heater uses a self-regulating heat element with automatic overheat protection that ensures more safety.
  • Thus, producing more heat while maintaining low surface temperature.

  • The Aero Pure A515A W bathroom ceiling heater has a low noise level of 1 sone and works at 80 CFM.
  • This bathroom ceiling heater comes with a 3-function toggle switch that allows the fan, heater, and light to run individually.
  • And it also comes with two 270W anti-blast heat lamps and a 60-watt incandescent bulb, proving the ultimate warmth.
  • Moreover, the heater is made of steel alloy and has a contemporary style with a white/cream finish.

Index Table: Top-Rated Ceiling Bathroom Heater

1StelPro Air Curtain - Ceiling Bathroom Heater
  • Compact
  • Durable
2Broan-Nutone Radiant - 250W Ceiling Heater
  • Discreet
  • Energy Saving
3Broan-NuTone Bulb - IC Bathroom Heater
  • Sleek
  • Efficient
4Broan-Nutone White - 250W Ceiling Bathroom Heater
  • Discreet
  • Sturdy
5Air King Ceramic - Exhaust and Ceiling Heater Fan
  • Minimalistic
  • Quiet
Air King94
6Aero Pure Contemporary - Bathroom Ceiling Fan Heater
  • Silent
  • Illuminating
Aero Pure95

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