Best Flat Extension Cord Under Rug

Extension cords laying around can be unsightly, not to mention a huge tripping hazard that could cause injuries.

For these reasons, so many people choose to hide their extension cords underneath a rug or carpet, but is this safe?
Extension cords under a rug or carpet may generate heat; if they generate enough heat, they will accumulate and eventually start a fire.

However, it would help if you placed it in a very high-traffic area, and the appliance that it operates needs to be very powerful for the slight chance that this may happen.

Thus, if you take the right steps to minimize the risk and opt for the best Under Rug Flat extension cords, as we will show you soon, there may be no risk involved, and you can easily hide unsightly extension cords.

How to Hide and Extension Cord Under a Rug

When you have chosen the best under-rug flat Extension cord, here are a few ways in which you can safely and easily hide it underneath a rug;

We have opted for Flat cords as they are safer and easier to hide completely.

  • Firstly, run the Cord across the room, find the safest path with the least traffic, and measure the Cord and area to get the right length.
  • Select a strong and healthy flat extension cord with a fully intact jacket.
  • You may need to remove furniture before placing the Cord to get the safest and best path.
  • Before placing the extension cord down, you must lift or remove the carpet or rug.
  • Place the Cord on the floor where you want to; you may need to place tape or an adhesive to keep it in place.
  • Now you can place the carpet or rug over the extension cord or push the lifted carpet back into place.

Safety with Under Rug Extension Cords

When running an extension cord underneath a rug or carpet, choosing a path with the lowest traffic is vital, and covering the extension cord at all ends to prevent a tripping hazard.

There are two main issues with running an extension cord under a carpet or rug in an unsafe manner;

  • Overheating – Extension cords can overheat, just as any other item that transmits electricity. When used for high-energy devices, extension cords can overheat. With frequent traffic over the extension cord, it may also become heated. Thus, you will need some ventilation to ensure that the extension cord gets a break and prevents overheating, which could be a fire hazard.
  • Damage – You need to remember aaneannsion cord underneath a rug or carpet is not seen. Thus, when it becomes damaged or worn out, you will not know. It is vital to have an extension cord in good condition with a full jacket underneath carpets and rugs because exposed wires can be very dangerous. Thus, I would advise checking the Cord regularly for damage and replacing it immediately if damaged.

Features of a Good Under Rug Flat Extension Cord

Flat Extension Cord Under Rug

  • Flatline Design – The Under Rug Flat Extension cords will have a flat extension cord and a flat plug design that will easily fit behind furniture against the walls, and the Cord will not be seen underneath a carpet or rug.
  • Plug and Outlet – The Extension cords mostly come with a three-prong design plug and three outlet plugs, so you can use up to three appliances on the extension cord at once.
  • Durability – Most Flat Under Rug extension cords will come with a lifetime or very long warranty for quality. They need to be heavy-duty and more durable for placing underneath a rug. They will also be UL safety rated for use in your home in dry areas, underneath a rug, or behind furniture.

Reviews: The Best Under Rug Flat Extension Cords

Here we have some of the best available flat extension cords that you can use under a rug or carpet with ease;

Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98.2

  • The Koumeican under rug extension cord is the thinnest extension cord with a flat design.
  • The extension cord is only 0.003 inches and has a flat design that will easily be hidden under a rug or carpet.
  • You can make any area safe and appealing with no extension cords that are lying around.
  • The Flat parts come with a lifetime guarantee for repairs and replacements.
  • The durable design has a no-breaking code and can withstand heavy loads.


  • The BindMaster us a 15 feet extension cord that has a3 prong Grounded design with three outlets and an angled flat plug.
  • You can easily plug in three appliances at a time and have the convenience of a 15 feet long extension cord.
  • The flat plug and cable save space and are easily hidden under a rug.
  • The plug is angled to be used on the top and bottom outlets.
  • It is high quality, and UL listed.
  • The Extension cord is a 13Amp 125Volt, 1625 Watt.


  • The Maxim Under Rug Flat Extension cord has a 10 feet length and 360-degree rotating flat plug extension cord design.
  • It is a 16 AWG Multi three outlet extension wire with a three-prong grounded wire and is UL Certified.
  • The Multiple outlets allow you to plug in multiple devices.
  • The flat plug is ideal for tight spaces behind furniture.


  • The GE Home Flat Under ug Extension Cords can easily convert a single outlet into a three grounded and three-prong outlet so that you can plug in more electronics.
  • The 8 feet long cord has a longer reach and flat design.
  • The plug is flat for easier reach and takes up less space.
  • The Cord is indoor rated and ideal for dry locations only.


  • The Maxin Cable is a 10 feet 360-degree rotating, flat plug extension cord that you can easily place underneath a carpet or rug.
  • The multiple outlets allow you to use three appliances at once,
  • It has a space-saving design and converts your standard AC power cord to a slim rotating plug.
  • The extension cord has three-pronged outliers and is UL-certified safe, and quality.


  • The Rocky Mountain Goods Flat Under Rug Extension Cord has a three-prong, three outlet design and will be well hidden behind furniture or under a rug.
  • It has a space-saving design and a built-in hanging loop when not in use.
  • It has a flatline cord and plugs to save space that you can use underneath a carpet.
  • The Extension cord comes with a life time warranty for replacement if it stops working.

Index Table: Top Rated Under Rug Flat Extension Cords

1Koumeican Thinnest - Under Rug Flat Extension Cord
  • 0.0003 Inches Flat
  • 9.84 Feet
2BindMaster 15 Feet - Under Rug Flat Extension Cord
  • 3 Prong
  • 3 Outlets
  • Angled and Flat
3Maximm Rotating - Under Rug Flat Extension Cord
  • 360 Degree Ritation
  • Flat
  • 10 Feet
4Ge Indoor Grounded - Low-Profile Under Rug Flat Extension Cord
  • White
  • UL Listed
  • Low Profile
Ge Indoor97
5Maximm Rotating - Under Rug Flat Extension Cord
  • Multi- Three Outlet
  • Grounded wire
6Rocky Mountain Goods Flatline - Under Rug Flat Extension Cord
  • Flat Plug
  • 3 Prong
  • 3 Outlet
Rocky Mountain Goods97.5

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