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Shower getting clogged is a common problem that happens to all of us. Hair, paper towels, soap scums, etc. are the leading causes of the blocking of the shower.

It gets peculiar and icky when the water does not drain and creates a pool of dirty water in your bathroom. To get rid of it, one can use a shower drain cleaner and get their bathroom clean in no time.

shower drain cleaner

Many people view it as a dirty job and prefer calling a plumber for the job. However, the frequent occurrence of this event does not make it feasible to call the plumber every time.
So, it is better and efficient to do these tasks hands-on with a variety of available products that makes the job easier.

Where Can Drain Cleaners be Used?

Drain cleaners are a super-effective way that helps to de-clog the water channels in the house. These are not only effective in removing the water from your bathroom but all other water outlets of the house. Have a look at the places where they can play a great role in removing water.

  • The Bathroom – Your bathroom is the most dominant place where the clogging of water occurs the most. This is so because it has high usage, and while bathing, we lose plenty of hair that gets stuck into the water outlet of shower or bathtub.
  • The Kitchen – The most blockage in the kitchen drain happens due to the soap scum, food waste, and grease. Liquid drain cleaners are the most effective in handling water clogs of kitchen drains as they are much easier to use and can be used daily.
  • The Toilet – The situation is the worst if your toilet gets blocked and accumulates a lot of water. It is unpleasant both to the eyes and the nose. A drain cleaner is a saver in such a situation to get rid of this nasty and unpleasing event.

Different Types of Shower Drain Cleaner

There are several kinds of shower drain cleaners available with their unique properties. The most useful drain cleaners are as follows:

  • Drain Stick – It is a strap or a flexible stick with several hairs all over its body that you need to insert in the drain for removing the required materials.
  • Gel – Drain gels are easier to use and are thick substance material that stays in the pipe for a long period of time and prevents the grease or grime from accumulating in the pipe.
  • Liquid Drains – Liquid drains have various chemicals present in themselves that break the grease stuck in the pipe and let the water flow freely.
  • Drain Brush – There are brushes available with designed hair that can be used to clear the clogged water from the drain.

What to Look for When Buying Drain Cleaner?

The following are the features that one must look for while buying a drain cleaner for their home.

  • Odor – Clogged drains usually create very pungent smells, and there are many cleaners that are pre-equipped to fight these unpleasant smells.
  • Time Taken – Always consider the cleaner that has high efficiency and takes the least amount of time in doing their job.
  • Ease to Use – Cleaning your drain can be a nasty job, so you might prefer a cleaner that has an easier application.

Reviews: Best Shower Drain Cleaner for your Home

Below is the list of the best cleaner you can take for unclogging the shower drains of your home. Also, we like to mention that for every purchase you make via the links given, we may receive a little credit for it.

Score: 96
  • The drain stick has a loop on one end that makes it easier to do the necessary operation.
  • The stick is easy to use and provides highly efficient results.
  • Insert the stick into the drain and simply pull back to clean the drain.
  • The stick has the ability to flex at the p-trap region where most of the clutter is present.

  • The pipe has a unique combination of three styles of five piece shower snakes that helps it to clean all kinds of pipelines.
  • The pipe is safe to use and is more economical than other chemical cleaners.
  • The four-grabber spring design of the drain pipe unclogs more substances in a single stroke.
  • It can be used in toilets, bathrooms, tubs, and floor drains, sinks, dredge pipe, etc.
Score: 95 By John Max

  • Coodoo shower drain sticks help in clearing the drain and making it work effortlessly.
  • One stick can be dropped into the water, and it slowly dissolves into the water and breaks the stuck food and grease from the drain pipe.
  • This drain cleaning treatment is highly effective and cost-saving as you only need to put one stick per month into the drain line.
  • The stick also takes care of all kinds of odor coming from the clustered particles.
Score: 96 By John Max

  • The drain cleaning brush is simple to use and is effective in clearing out the stuck food materials from the drain.
  • The brush consists of numerous spiral bristles that remove the hardest of all materials present in the drain pipe.
  • This Alink cleaning brush is value for money as it does its job effortlessly and with full efficiency.
  • The brush is multipurpose and can be used for cleaning the tub, toilet, washbasin, etc.
Score: 95 By John Max

  • It is environmental and doesn’t use any chemicals to function effectively.
  • This sink auger is very reliable.
  • It is best for the removal of hair and gunky clogs.
  • The drain clog cleaner keeps your drains flowing smoothly.
Score: 97 By John Max

  • The Senhai shower drain cleaner stick is an excellent tool for removing the unwanted stuck particles from your shower drain pipe.
  • The stick has a great length of 20 inches that helps in the deep cleaning of the pipes.
  • The package comes with a set of two tools. One helps in capturing the solid material while the other hooks hairs and debris.
  • The stick is environmentally friendly and is less expensive than other toxic drain cleaners.
Score: 96 By John Max

  • This drain cleaner comes with a 360-degree rotation and removes clog instantly.
  • It has an extra-long design which can clean hard to reach drain pipes as well.
  • The easy to use drain opener works in just three steps for hassle-free convenience.
  • The shower drain cleaner is a durable product that is a must-have in all homes.
Score: 97 By John Max

  • This clog remover is long enough to reach sink pipes that go deep.
  • It is easy to bend into pipes to clean them thoroughly.
  • The stainless steel cleaner has a claw grip that can grip all the dirt at once.
  • This hair clog remover can be used to clean most of the clogged drains.
Score: 98 By John Max

  • This package contains seven toilet snake plumbing tools.
  • The stainless steel cleaner can reach narrow bended places and catch hair and debris.
  • Not only that, it can be used widely for multiple purposes.
  • It is easy to use and offers a tool that can capture a solid obstruction.
Score: 96 By John Max

  • The Faithrizing toilet drain clog remover is very light and super easy to use.
  • It quickly removes even the hardest of clogs in minutes.
  • These go through rigorous tests and have been proven to unclog the shower or sink drain faster.
  • It helps to bring hair and debris to the surface efficiently.
Score: 98 By John Max

Index Table: Top-Rated Shower Drain Cleaners

1Vastar Snake Hair - Shower Drain Cleaner
  • Flexible
  • Less Expensive
2Forlive Auger Hair - Drain Cleaner
  • Good Length
  • Multifunctional
3Coodoo Organic Sticks - Shower Drain Cleaner
  • Biodegradable
  • Cost Effective
4ALINK Sewer Hair - Drain Cleaner
  • Highly Durable
  • Flexible
5Booda Brand Heavy Duty - Drain Clog Cleaner
  • 25 foot
  • Hair clog remover
Booda Brand97
6SENHAI Auger - Shower Drain Cleaner
  • Excellent Length
  • Flexible
7FlexiSnake Flexible - Shower Drain Cleaner
  • Quality product
  • Extra-long
8Omont 4 Pack - Drain Cleaner Tool
  • Plastic
  • Multipurpose
9LGDehome Bendable - Drain Cleaner
  • Easy to use
  • New hook design
10Faithrizing Lightweight - Drain Clog Remover
  • Easy to use
  • High quality

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