Best Cordless Steamer

The Cordless steamer will be either battery-operated or rechargeable and does not require power to operate.

It is a small, handheld compact design steamer for clothes and many other functions, which we will further discuss.

The Cordless steamer is ideally a handheld garment steamer that is easy to use and has a smaller capacity.

Using Your Cordless Steamer

Here are a few tips when using your Cordless Garment Steamer;

  • Be careful when steam cleaning fabrics that have darker colors that may run, as most new darker-colored garments are not colorfast yet.
  • You cannot use a garment steamer to clean stained, waxed, or painted surfaces.
  • It would help if you did not use your cordless steamer on musical instruments, porous material, delicate surfaces, and garments, or antiques.
  • Make sure that the fabric that you are steaming can, however, be steamed. Some fabrics, such as polyester blends, cannot withstand very high heat.
  • Make sure that the sofa, rug, or tabletop that you are steaming your clothing items on is safe to do so.
  • Do not steam any garment, drape, or upholstery that is labeled for dry cleaning only.
  • To disinfect anything, your garment steamer needs to reach a heat of 212 degrees Fahrenheit to do so effectively.

Some Other Uses for Garment Steamers

Here are a few more uses for the Cordless steamer;

  • Clean Your Car – You can easily use a garment steamer to steam away spills and stains inside your car quickly and easily.
  • Mirrors and Windows – Give your mirrors and windows a deep clean, and sparkling finish with a garment steamer.
  • Clean Sofas – You can use the garment steamer to steam clean your sofa easily and to remove stains.
  • Dust Your Drapes. – The garment steamer will work just as well on your curtains and drapes, it will blast away dust and give them a clean
  • Carpet Stains – You can use a garment steamer in your carpets to remove stains and spills easily.
  • Santitize – Garment steamers that can reach high heat are ideal to use for sanitizing surfaces in your home safely and effectively.
  • Degreasing – A garment steamer can be handy for regular degreasing of stoves and obes to break up built-on grime and degrease these areas.
  • Sanitize Your Bathroom – Use your cordless steamer to disinfect and steam clean your bathroom to get rid of bacteria and bad odors.
  • Steaming Your Room – You can steam your bedroom or bed linen and steam clean your mattress for a better night’s rest and to minimize bacteria and germs.
  • Defrosting – You can easily use your steamer to defrost a freezer or food items.

Features of a Good Cordless Steamer

Cordless Steamer

  • Power – The Steamer for clothing is a cordless design that can have the power of between 400W and 1350 W, depending on the size and function.
  • Steam Function – The steamer may have plates for full ironing, or just a steam function. It can be used on clothing horizontally and vertically, as well as most fabrics.
  • Design – The design should be an easy handheld design that may be larger or smaller for portability.
  • Water Tank – the water tank can have a capacity of 65ml, up to 200ml, depending on the size of the steamer. The water tank will also be an anti-drip design.

Reviews: The Best Cordless Steamers

Here are a few of our top favorite steam cleaners that are handheld, portable, and cordless;

Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98

  • The Hilife Cordless Steamer is the ideal portable handheld steamer for steaming your clothes.
  • The steamer is a 700W design that is easy to use and that generates long-lasting steam.
  • It is a small and easily portable design that is lightweight and compact for travel.
  • The steamer has a 240ml tank capacity for water and will provide 15 minutes of continuous steam.
  • You get a set with a Steamer, 1 Cup, two brushes, and a power cable, with full instructions for use.


  • The Polardo is a mini-sized portable clothing steamer that is a handheld design suitable for all types of fabrics.
  • It is a premium 120W design that is reliable with a NANO water filter.
  • It has a 360-degree anti-spill design with an electronic pump system.
  • It heats up fast and is very powerful, with a high-capacity water tank.
  • The steamer is safe to use on almost all types of fabrics.


  • The Omaiga is a powerful upgraded design steamer for clothing with a more heavy-duty function.
  • It has a larger but compact design that is durable and easy to store and use with one hand.
  • The two-in-one clothes steamer has unique anti-drip technology and a steam trigger locker.
  • It is powerful at 1350W and very efficient for removing wrinkles from clothing.
  • The steamer is highly suitable for all types of fabric and has three different steam modes.
  • It has a large 250ml water tank capacity.


The Conair handheld cordless steamer is as powerful as an iron with steam.
It will quickly and effectively smooth out wrinkles from your clothing.
The design is easy to use and compact, and it is also portable.
The steamer offers 15 minutes of continuous steam and has an aluminum steamer plate.
It comes with all necessary attachments and clear instructions for use.


  • The PurSteam handheld steamer for clothing gas has a unique leak-proof design.
  • It is powerful yet gentle on all fabrics.
  • The steamer effectively removes wrinkles from clothes in under 90 seconds.
  • It is safe and secure with an automatic shut-off function.
  • The steamer heats up very quickly and has a no-leak and anti-drip design, which means that there will be less chance for stains on your clothing.


  • The Demeyath steamer is a steamer for all kinds of fabrics, using a high titatium sole plate and powerful steam function.
  • The cordless steamer offers full ironing capabilities.
  • It is powerful and heats up very fast to remove stubborn wrinkles.
  • The smaller compact size is perfect for travel.
  • It has a smaller 65ml water tank, as it is a smaller and more compact szie.
  • The design is ideal for traveling light and easily fits inside a smaller szied ba.

Index Table: Top Rated Cordless Steamers

1Hilife Big Capacity - Cordless Steamer
  • Portable
  • Hanheld
  • Large Capacity
2Polardo Travel - Portable Cordless Steamer
  • Metal Head
  • Compact
  • Handheld
3Omaiga Upgraded - Cordless Steamer
  • Ceramic Plate
  • Fast heat
  • Detachable Water Tank
4Conair Turbo - Cordless Garment Steamer
  • Fast Heat
  • Portable
5PurSteam handheld - Cordless Steamer
  • Portable
  • Wrinkle Remover
6Demeyth Portable - Cordless Steamer
  • Wrinkle Remover
  • Cordless

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