Best Pumice Stone for Feet

With all the dead skin and Calluses hanging around, our feet have started to look more like a barren war zone. A Pumice Stone is exactly what you need to rejuvenate your dead skin.

These pumice stones, filled with healthy extracts of real volcanic lava, are made from porous igneous rock that is extremely beneficial for your feet and skin. We have prepared an in-depth guide for you and shortlisted the best pumice stones available to know more about these wonderful stones.

Why Pumice Stone are so wonderful for your feet

Whether it’s health or beauty? There are many reasons why you should start using these wonderful stones on your feet.

  • Removes Dead Skin – These pumice stones are specifically made to remove all that excess dead skin from your ankle and feet.
  • Exfoliation – Other than essential nutrients, your skin requires regular exfoliation to rejuvenate to its original form. And a Pumice Stone does exactly that for your feet.
  • Pedicure – Due to their exceptional natural value, these stones are considered an excellent source to give a soothing pedicure to your skin and your feet.
  • Removes Calluses – If you too are suffering from calluses, then a Pumice stone is perfect for you. These stones are made from lava extracts and can remove your calluses within two or three uses.

Uses of Pumice Stones

Other than being exceptionally wonderful for your feet, the Pumice stones are well-known for their wide variety of uses, and we have mentioned some of them below:

  • Conditioning your Jeans – A Pumice stone packs the goodness of lava, which is known to be a great abrasive. So you can use these stones as a natural conditioner for your jeans.
  • Skin Exfoliator – A Pumice stone can also be used as a face exfoliator other than exfoliating for feet. Just dip it in mild water and gently rub it against your skin in circular motions.
  • Lava Soap – Lava soap has been in trend recently, and due to these pumice stones containing pure natural extracts, these can be used as an alternative to your regular lava soaps.
  • Traction Enhancer – Pumice stones are also set to increase the traction of your rubber tires by adding another layer of lava extracts on the surface.

Features of Good Pumice Stones Pumice Stones

Before selecting the perfect one for yourself, you have to know the different types of Pumice Stones available in the market.

  • Bar Shaped – The pumice stones come in a bar-shaped form factor so that they can provide a better grip when you are using them.
  • One-Time Use – Some pumice stones are specifically made for one-time use only. These stones are far more hygienic and usually come in a bundle pack.
  • Natural Shape – There are some manufacturers who provide the exact stone, which has the same natural tendency as lava stones.
  • re-Usable – Some Pumice stone models are reusable and can be used over and over for some time.

Reviews: Best Pumice Stone for Feet

So, based on our research, We have compiled a list of the best Best Pumice Stone for Feet you can buy. Just a quick word, we collect a minimal amount of profit through every purchase made through the links mentioned below, without any additional charges on you. That said, let’s start with our list.

  • This pumice stone is made from Black Footstone, which signifies very high quality.
  • It contains natural volcanic lava, which grants this stone exceptional exfoliating properties.
  • This stone also contains trace elements that help stimulate blood and massaging.
  • It has a rope on one end, making it easy to hold and place wherever you want.
  • The packaging of this pumice stone is very eye-catching, and it can be given as a gift.

  • The stone is specifically made to remove all kinds of Callus from your feet.
  • This stone is double-sided so that you can use it from both sides with equal pressure.
  • Other than removing callus, this stone can be used for pedicuring and nail shaping.
  • These come in a bar shape, which is very easy to hold and grip.
  • It comes in a pack-of-4, so these will last you for quite some time.

  • The ergonomic design provides an excellent grip whenever you are holding it.
  • It contains light abrasive properties, which help make your feet gentle and soft.
  • This pumice stone will remove any spots and calluses to make your skin look fresh.
  • A cotton thread is installed in the stone to provide support and to hang it.
  • It is super easy to use. Soak the pumice stone in mild water, and rub it against your feet.

  • This pumice soap is made from 100% natural material, and it is completely hygienic.
  • It has 2-in1 double-sided foam, where the black side exfoliates, and the white side makes your skin smooth.
  • These come in a pack of four and can be used for a very long time.
  • The long bar design provides a lot of strength and grip to you while using it.
  • Due to the fine porous materials, it works wonders on hard and dry skin.

  • Due to the natural ingredients present inside, it is perfect for a soothing pedicure.
  • It is free from any harmful chemicals and won’t interfere with your allergies.
  • This pumice stone helps remove all kinds of dead skin, blemishes, corns, and calluses.
  • It has a very ergonomic design, and it will perfectly fit your hand.
  • The overall weight of this stone is very light, which makes it easy for you to maneuver around.

  • The overall composition of this pumice stone is very cool and soft.
  • These stones are disposable, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene.
  • It comes in a pack of 40 pumice stones, and it will last you for a long time.
  • It can easily remove all kinds of calluses within a single-use leaving behind very smooth skin.
  • Because they are reusable, you don’t have to clean the stone every time you use them.

  • From Mr. Pumice, we have a pumice stone and callus remover.
  • It is a Pumice stone as well as a foot scrubber in one.
  • You get four items per set.
  • The Grit is a medium feel.


  • The Carhood is a foot file and a callus remover.
  • It has a multipurpose four-in-one design.
  • There is pumice, scrub brush, and callus remover.
  • It also has a longer handle.


  • From Gilden Tree, we have two-in-one pumice.
  • It is a foot scrubber as well as an easy-to-use pumice stone.
  • Ideal for exfoliating hard, dry skin.
  • It should last you around five years.

  • The KuuCare Pumice stone is all-natural.
  • It consists of natural Lava stone.
  • Ideal for exfoliating your feet and removing dead skin.
  • It is ergonomic in design and environmentally friendly.

Index Table: Top-Rated Best Pumice Stone for Feet

1Valley Store Callus Remover - Pumice Stone for Feet
  • For Dry Skin
  • Exfoliation Tool
Valley Store99
2Maryton Blue - Pumice Stone
  • Callus Remover
  • Pedicure Tool
3PHOGARY Fiery Lava - Pumice Stone for Feet
  • Remove Dead Skin
  • Smooth Surface
4Pumice Valley Hygienic - Pumice Stone
  • Pedicure Sponge
  • Double Sided
Pumice Valley98
5Evolatree Natural - Pumice Stone for Feet
  • Foot Care
  • Cheek Gum Essential
6NOVAL Store Disposable - Pumice Stone
  • Premium Quality
  • 40-Piece Pack
NOVAL Store96
7Mr. Pumice Callus remover - Pumice Stone for Your Feet
  • Pedicure Stone and Scrubber
  • Four Pack
Mr. Pumice97.5
8Carehood Foot File - Pumice Stone for Your Feet
  • Pumice and Brush
  • Handle
  • Durable
9Gilden Tree two In One - Pumice Stone for Your Feet
  • hand Made
  • Foot Scrubber and Pumice
  • One Set
Gilden Tree97
10KuuCare - Pumice Stone for Your Feet
  • lava Stone
  • Natural
  • Exfoliating

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