Bathroom Sink Stopper

No one likes unhygienic and clogged sinks. Choose a sturdy bathroom sink stopper to prevent buildup and ensure your sinks are free from bacteria.

Please keep reading to learn how to install one and maintain it throughout its use. Also, check out the products along with some handy features.

Are Bathroom Sink Stoppers Universal?

You may find universal and custom-fit designs in sink stoppers that best fit your skin.

  • Original Design – The best way to find out which size is right for your needs would be if you still have whatever design paperwork came with or assembly to find the exact replacement.
  • Different Sizes – There are many sizes available for the bathroom sink stopper types at the home improvement store, so you can choose one that will work best. Every bathroom sink is different, but 1 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches remains the most common size.
  • Style – You may choose a pop-up or plug style sink stopper. Some stoppers may have a metallic pop-up lid, and others may have a rubber plug.
  • Universal Fit – Universal sink plugs are generally designed to fit most drain holes, but not all will be the same size. Look for one wider than your widest opening for best performance – these can come in handy when installing new plumbing fixtures or repairing old ones!

How Do You Replace A Bathroom Sink Stopper?

Here is how you can replace your old bathroom sink stopper with a new one.

  • Tools Required – It depends on the type of sink stopper and whether or not it requires any tools to install. Sometimes models may require tools, and others may be easier to replace. If you’re in doubt, ask someone in your area skilled with plumbing.
  • Close Faucets – Turn off all water to avoid any unexpected floods. Make sure there is no stagnant water.
  • Remove Plate – Remove overflow plate from sink drain by turning it counterclockwise. This will be located under the visible pieces at the top of each vessel drainage hole and often has a stopper situated on the top. If there are any broken rubber pieces, get rid of them.
  • Install New One – Mount the drainpipe of the sink stopper into the water pipe. You may also change the pipe if it does not fit with the new stopper.

How Do You Clean The Bathroom Sink Stopper?

The sink stopper may develop bacteria and build up over time. This may be the answer to fixing the bathroom sink stoppers when there is still some time to replace them. Here is how you can clean it effortlessly.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Just put some rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on a paper towel first so it doesn’t dissolve your brush bristles, scrub for about 20 seconds, then rinse with water afterward. It is much easier than removing it from its socket and dunking it in sudsy vinegar or bottled drain cleaner, both dangerous methods that will only lead to damaged metal pieces!
  • Bleach – Place bleach on the scrub part of the brush and go to town. The stopper is larger than a scouring pad, so it’ll have no problem getting through the gross buildup around the rim.
  • Hot Water – This is ideal for cleaning the sink stopper regularly. You may pour hot soapy water to dissolve the buildup.
  • Deep Cleaning – Remove the stopper from the drain. Use dish soap in hot water as a soaking liquid for the stopper.

Reviews: Best Bathroom Sink Stopper

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Reviewed by: Esther Max Score: 98

  • This sink stopper has a unique finish and gives a rustic look to the bathroom.
  • It’s an Oil Rubbed Bronze, which delivers on the rich and dark brown side with striking light accents!
  • This is perfect for fixing problematic plumbing fixtures without replacing them.
  • You can ensure this sink drain stopper fits by inputting your model number while buying.

  • A sleek and modern sink plug with an anti-clogging basket inside prevents pipes from getting stuck by hair.
  • This bathroom sink stopper features a beautiful bullet shape that can be used for bathtub drain plugs.
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel and brass material, durable enough not to develop rust or crack under pressure.
  • The seamless design won’t leak, so you do not need to worry about loose openings.

  • The REGALMIX sink stopper has an original anti-clogging basket strainer that prevents clumps of hair, dirt, and other gunk from winding up in the drain.
  • The rubber doesn’t give way easily, so you don’t have to worry about breaking down over time.
  • To clean the sink stopper rubber, wash away any crud with mild soap or throw some boiling water down if necessary.
  • This sink stopper has a multi-layer chrome finish that prevents the formation of scratches, corrosions, and tarnishing.

  • This sink plug comes with a large silicone ring in addition to the original one.
  • As a result, you won’t need an extra hand for installation, and it will fit your drain hole better!
  • The bathroom stopper is easy to install; remove any old ones when installing this new one.
  • Besides, it has an anti-clogging basket filter that prevents dirt or hair from getting into pipes while switching between a sealed state and a drained state.
  • The stainless steel material and brass parts prevent any cracks or rust formations.

  • The Upgraded pop-up sink stopper is unlike any other on the market with its 1-click compact design.
  • Not only does it have an anti-clogging basket that prevents your drain from clogging, but it also has a comfortable touch finish and strong structure.
  • You can enjoy clean drains without worrying about entering sewer lines again. No matter what size, the ring fits into these small 1-inch diameter plugs and is easy to install without worrying about leaks.

  • Pick the Amffye stopper that will be an excellent upgrade for your bathroom as it is easy to install.
  • It fits standard 1-inch to 1 3/4-inch drain holes; therefore, it will fit most skinks.
  • Besides, this sink drain stopper has an anti-clogging basket that prevents everything from getting into the drain, including jewelry, rings, dirt, etc.
  • These sink stoppers are made of stainless steel and brass, making them durable enough to last for years.

Index Table: Top-Rated Bathroom Sink Stopper

1Moen Bronze - Metallic Sink Stopper
  • Oil-Rubbed
  • Brown
2INIM Universal - Push-In Sink Stopper
  • Easy Install
  • Anti-Explosion
3REGALMIX Chrome - Pop-Up Sink Stopper
  • Basket
  • Anti-Tarnish
4SHUWND Silicone Ring - Bathroom Sink Stopper
  • 2-Pack
  • Strainer
5QYHNYJF Bounce Core - Drain Plug
  • 1-Click
  • Anti-Clogging
6Amffye Standard - Durable Sink Stopper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Leak-Proof

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