After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin

Dry skin is hard to manage and is more prone to eczema and psoriasis. It would help if you had a heavy-duty moisturizer to lock in the hydration. Here are some excellent After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin to help you combat dry patches.

These lotions have skin healing and nourishing properties. Besides, learn about the ingredients and other things to look for while purchasing one dedicated to dry skin.

Buying Considerations For After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin

Look for a lotion that is calming and helps soothe the dry areas like elbows, knees, and feet. Here are some things to keep in mind before adding an after-shower lotion for dry skin.

  • Packaging – You can choose from a flip cover or a pump bottle. However, a pump dispenser will be more convenient to use right after the shower. It will release the required amount of lotion without picking up the bottle.
  • Size – Look for a larger bottle as you will apply the lotion to your body. A larger size will suffice the requirements for a longer time.
  • Ingredients – See that the lotion has natural ingredients like lavender oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, kokum, and mango butter. This will help in creating a layer of protection on your skin.
  • Non-Toxic – Ensure that the lotion is free from any harmful chemicals, parabens, alcohol, SLS, and phthalates. Go through the ingredients lists before buying and skip getting those with all the ingredients mentioned.

Benefits Of After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin

Lotions are beneficial in several ways, like calming your skin and prevent it from getting patchy and rough. Moreover, dry skin needs more application of such emollient lotions to prevent skin conditions. Here is a list of other benefits of the after-shower lotions.

  • Suppleness – Your skin will feel more bouncy and supple after a regular application of lotion. Make it a habit to apply lotion post-shower to prevent any dryness.
  • Protection – A good lotion will protect your skin from the harsh weather changes and the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Anti-Aging – Your skin will be nourished, which will help prevent early aging signs. The appearance of age spots will also reduce your body.
  • Elasticity – The lotion will lock in the hydration in your skin right when the skin is damp and improve elasticity and flexibility.

Features Of After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin

Here is a list of features you should pay attention to while buying After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin.
Olay Ultra

  • Emolient – The lotion should contain emollient ingredients to create a water-proof moisture shield on the skin.
  • Hypoallergenic – See that the lotion is free from allergens so that it is safe to use for anyone. Avoid any nut butter in case you have any nut allergies.
  • Pore-Free – There should not be any presence of pore-blocking ingredients in the lotion. You can see the comedogenic scale of ingredients to find this.
  • Non-Sticky – The lotion should be moisturizing without feeling sticky on the skin or transferring to the clothes. Look for a deep nourishing lotion that is glycerine-based.

Reviews: Best After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin

We have listed some of the best After Shower Lotions For Dry Skin with their features for you to choose from. Also, we would like to inform you we shall earn a small commission with every purchase made through the links in the article.

  • Consider the NIVEA after shower lotion, which has a non-greasy application along with longer hydration.
  • The lotion has a water-activated formulation that locks in the moisture for up to 24 hours.
  • It comes in a pack of three, so you can use the lotion liberally on your wet skin and prevent dryness in winters.
  • Besides, it does not leave any residues on the skin that can stain your clothes.

  • Get this Olay after-shower lotion to soothe your dry skin with the richness of shea butter.
  • This comes in a pack of four, which will last you a very long time.
  • The lotion is designed to work for flaky, dry, and dull skin while using the water humidity post-shower.
  • Your skin will feel soft and hydrated with the regular use of this ultra moisture lotion.

  • The OGX After Shower Lotion is a wet skin lotion that works to revive the washed skin.
  • It contains lavender essential oil, which has moisturizing and healing properties.
  • Besides, it has calming chamomile extracts that help in soothing the skin.
  • The scent of lavender and chamomile will be therapeutic post-shower and make you smell nice all day.

  • Get this Curel Skincare penetrative after-shower lotion with the technology of hydra-therapy. The lotion has healing properties with its non-irritant and lightweight formula.
  • It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin types as it leaves no residue on the skin.
  • The lotion quickly absorbs in the skin, which prevents it from sticking to the clothes.

  • Consider this lotion from Theraplex that comes in a clear structure with the goodness of emollient properties.
  • It is an ideal after-shower lotion for people who have conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  • Besides, it is free from any parabens and fragrances to avoid any interactions on the skin.
  • The lotion is safe to use on sensitive and dry skin since it is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

  • This moisturizer from Jergens will make your skin look and feel luminous with coconut oil.
  • The lotion has long-lasting hydration with the oil infusion designed to apply on wet skin.
  • Moreover, it is balanced and absorbent on the skin without being too greasy.
  • The lotion has deep penetrative properties, even on dry and ashy skin types.


  • Aveeno is a top lotion brand for dry skin.
  • It contains soothing oat and moisturizing agents.
  • The lotion is non-greasy and non-comedogenic.
  • Ideal for all skin types.


  • CeraVe daily lotion is ideal for dry skin.
  • It contains moisturizing agents and is fragrance-free.
  • Added are ceramides and Hyaluronic acid.
  • The lotion is safe for sensitive skin.


  • Eucerin is another favorite lotion for dry and sensitive skin.
  • It is moisturizing and not greasy.
  • The lotion offers 24 hours of hydration.
  • It is also in an easy-to-use bottle.


  • Cetaphil Lotion is perfect for all skin types, even dry skin.
  • The lotion is nourishing and great for sensitive skin.
  • It contains moisturizing and non-greasy ingredients.
  • Cetaphil is a well know and trusted skincare brand.

Index Table: Top-Rated After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin

1NIVEA Non-Sticky - After Shower Non-Greasy Lotion For Dry Skin
  • Nourishing
  • 3-Pack
2Olay Shea Butter - After Shower Ultra Lotion For Dry Skin
  • Hydrating
  • 4-Pack
3OGX Lavender - Wet Skin After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin
  • Calming
  • Reviving
4Curel Skincare Hydra-Therapy - Penetrating Shower Lotion For Dry Skin
  • Lightweight
  • Absorbing
Curel Skincare99
5Theraplex Emollient - Clear After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin
  • No Paraben
  • No-Fragrance
6Jergens Coconut Oil - Lux After Shower Lotion For Dry Skin
  • Refreshing
  • Soothing
7Aveeno Daily - After Shower Lotion for Dry Skin
  • Oat and Emollients
  • Moisturizing
8ceraVe daily - After Shower Lotion for Dry Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Fragrance Free
9Eucerin Intensive Repair - After Shower Lotion for Dry Skin
  • For Very Dry Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
10Cetaphil One Pack - After Shower Lotion for Dry Skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Restores Skin Barrier

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